Pork Tenderloin in a Blood Orange Olive Oil Marinade

Posted by in Recipes on Sep 23, 2012 . .

    2 lb lean Pork Tenderloin
    3-4 tbs of pineapple preserves (or fresh pineapple chunks)
    1-2 tbs of blood orange juice
    1/4 cup of Olive Cart Blood Orange Oil
    1-2 tbs powdered ginger, to taste
    salt, pepper, and/or cayenne pepper, to taste

Mix all ingredients, except pork, in a gallon-size plastic bag. Taste to get seasonings right. After everything is mixed, put pork into bag, and marinate overnight in the fridge.

Next day, get grill VERY HOT. Grill pork by turning frequently and drizzling marinade while cooking. All the sugar from the preserve caramelizes, and combined with the Blood Orange Oil, smokes a bit on the grill. Cook approx. 10-15 minutes or until done.

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