Healthy Kettle Corn

Posted by in Recipes on Apr 23, 2020 . .

If you love the treat of kettle corn at farmers markets and street fairs, why not create a healthy version of it at home to curl up with while watching a movie from the comfort of your own couch? So easy to make and definitely more interesting than boring popcorn.

2 TBSP Olive Cart Avocado Blood Orange Oil
1/2 Cup Popcorn (white or yellow)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 TBSP sugar or stevia
1 tsp finely granulated sea salt
1 TBSP Olive Cart Vanilla Bean Oil

Combine cinnamon, sugar or stevia and sea salt in a small bowl and set aside.

Heat a large pot on high, add avocado blood orange oil and heat for a minute, then add popcorn to the pan and cover. Reduce heat to medium high and allow corn to pop, shaking occasionally to ensure even cooking. When popping slows to less than every 3 seconds, remove from heat.  Drizzle with vanilla bean oil and sprinkle the seasoning mixture on top.  Shake covered pan until all kernels are evenly coated. Transfer to serving bowl and enjoy with a good movie.

For a spicier version try using 1 tsp of our baharat seasoning instead of the cinnamon.

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