Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil Fried Chicken Thighs

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2 lbs. Chicken Thighs

Dry Rub:
1 T. Granulated Garlic
1 T. Oregano
2 t. Smoked Paprika
1 t. Dried Basil
1 t. Ground Sea Salt
1/2 t. Ground Black Pepper

1/4 C. Olive Cart Lakefront Lemon Olive Oil
2 T. Olive Cart Garlic Mushroom Olive Oil
1/4 C. Olive Orchard Peach Balsamic Vinegar
1 T. Prepared Dijon Mustard
1/4 C. Scallions, Sliced Thin

Prepare rub, then spread evenly over the chicken thighs. Heat pan to medium, and then add 3 T. Lemon Olive Oil. Cook Chicken turning as necessary to fuly cook and brown well. Remove to a serving pan when done.

Combine 1/4 C. Tangerine  Balsamic and 1 T. Dijon Mustard. Whisk until blended. Now, slowly whisk in a combination of 1/4 C. Lemon Olive Oil and 2 T. Garlic Mushroom Oil. Pour dressing over the Chicken and top with the sliced scallions and serve.

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