Cilantro Lime Grilled Watermelon

Posted by in Recipes on Jun 14, 2018 . .

2 (2 inch) slices watermelon

2 TBSP Olive Cart Lighthouse Lime Olive Oil

2 limes, juiced

½ cup fresh cilantro, minced

Salt, to taste

Olive Cart Crème Brulee White Balsamic Vinegar


1. Cut each watermelon round into 4 pieces, for a total of 8 pieces. Brush each side of the pieces with lime oil and a little of the lime juice, reserving at least half of the lime juice for the end.  Season with a little bit of salt (about ½ tsp for all eight pieces).  Don’t forget this step as the salt brings out the flavors. 

2. Heat an outdoor grill to high heat. Grill watermelon 3 to 5 minutes each side, allowing marks to form on slices.

3. Remove from grill and season with the remaining lime juice, sprinkle with cilantro and drizzle with Crème Brulee white balsamic vinegar.

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