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Chicken Taco Salad

Posted by in Recipes on Dec 01, 2020 . .
A simple and delicious recipe for a flavorful and healthy taco salad that doesn't create a mess in the kitchen. This recipe is for one serving but you can easily adapt if for however many you are serving. We love it either as it appears here or served over a bed of mixed greens or rice.
1 Chicken Breast
1 Avocado
1 Large Tomato
Olive Cart South Haven Blend Oil
Olive Cart Tex Mex Seasoning
Olive Cart Lighthouse Lime Oil
Cube cut chicken breast and sautee in a medium high heat  skillet in Olive Cart South Haven Blend oil until fully cooked (you may also use any of our wonderful regional EVO oils).
When chicken is cooked through, toss in Olive Cart Tex Mex seasoning to sprinkle over chicken to taste and toss cubed chicken in skillet.
Remove avocado from skin and pit. Dice up Avocado and chop tomato and toss them in mixing bowl.
Toss cooked cubed chicken into bowl with Avocado and Tomato.
Sprinkle in some salt to taste.
A light drizzle of Olive Cart Lighthouse Lime Oil and toss all contents together a couple of times to coat the like oil throughout.
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