Award Winning Olive Oil Marinara Sauce

Posted by in Recipes on Sep 11, 2012 . .

1/4 Cup Olive Cart California Picual Olive Oil
7 cloves garlic chopped
1 can (28oz) crushed tomatoes
15 leaves of fresh basil chopped

On medium heat, cook the garlic in the olive oil. do not let it turn brown. If it does burn discard both oil and garlic and start over. Add the chopped tomates and basil. Simmer for 45 minutes. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Additional variations:

Artichoke Marinara: Add 1 can chopped artichokes packed in water
Roasted Red Pepper Marinara: Add 1 roasted, pureed red pepper
Black Olive and Garlic : add chopped black olives or olive paste to taste.

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