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Cincinnati Style Butternut Squash Chili

Posted by in Recipes on Sep 29, 2017 . .

1 lb Ground Beef (or protein of your choice)

2 TBS Olive Cart Lemon Avocado Oil

½ cup diced purple onions

½ cup Olive Cart Cincinnati Style Chili Seasoning

2 TBS Olive Cart Toasted Onion Avocado Oil

2 15oz Cans of Tomato Sauce

1 6oz can Tomato Paste

1 cup Beef Bouillon

1 15 oz can Diced Tomatoes

1 lb diced Butternut Squash

2 TBS Better Than Bouillon Beef Base


Brown Ground beef in lemon avocado oil. Drain and set aside.


Caramelize onions in the Onion Oil. Stir in the Cincinnati Style Chili Seasoning and Tomato paste. Let flavors bloom.  Slowly stir in the Bouillon to deglaze the pan. Add  beef and remaining ingredients and simmer until Butternut Squash is still slightly firm.

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