Cajun Lime Shrimp

Posted by in Recipes on Nov 15, 2018 . .
1/2 lb Shrimp (21/40 size)  About 12. If using frozen run under cold water until thawed.  Put on paper towels to dry.
1 TBLS Cornstarch
1 tsp Olive Cart Cajun Seasoning.
2 TBLS Olive Cart Key Lime Avocado Oil
Pat Shrimp dry.
Mix Corn Starch and Olive Cart Cajun Seasoning together in a large zip lock bag.
Add shrimp to the bag and toss until lightly coated. 
Heat skillet over medium high heat.  Add 2 TBLS Olive Cart Key Lime Avocado Oil.
Add shrimp to skillet and cook 2 minutes.  Turn shrimp over and cook an additional two minutes.  Be careful that you do not overcook the shrimp.
Remove and enjoy.  We recommend using in our Shrimp Po' Boy recipe.
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