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Black Walnut Garlic Mushroom Roast

Posted by in Recipes on Sep 29, 2017 . .

3 to 5 lb roast of your choice
½ cup Olive Cart Garlic Mushroom Oil
1/3 C Olive Cart Black Walnut Balsamic
Sea Salt Pepper.

Mix together Oil & Balsamic set aside. Perforate Roast with carving fork. Place in large ziplock bag, or airtight container of choice. Add Oil and balsamic mixture. Knead slightly. Refrigerate over night turning occasionally. Preheat oven to 500 degrees. In Stove/Oven proof pan (I prefer cast iron) Sear roast with sea salt and (I use )Olive Cart Gourmet pepper or seasoning of your choice. You will see the beginnings of a nice rich bark. Cover pan and place in oven. Reduce heat and cook 7 mins per pound. Turn oven off, but do not open door for 2.5 hours. Should be perfect medium rare and tender and juicy like prime rib.

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