Posted by in News on Jun 20, 2014 .

The official start of summers in Southwest Michigan is here!!!  There is no better place to be in the summertime than Southwest Michigan, with relatively mild lakefront breezes, lots of events and activities as well, you just can't beat it!  And this weekend is the kickoff with Harborfest weekend in South Haven.  Stop in to see us at the Olive Cart too!

Posted by in News on Jun 17, 2014 .

We are excited to be bringing in lots of great new items once again this year.  This past week's new arrivals are Midwest Corn Relish Salsa with black olives and Michigan Peach Mango Salsa, also with black olives.  The good news is that customers LOVE these two new salsas.  Along with our zing Green Olive Salsa, all three of them are flying out the door.  Come in soon to taste these fantastic new recipes.

Posted by in News on May 31, 2014 .

We just added some fun new tours of our stores (and new pictures too) on the google web pages for both Olive Cart South Haven and Olive Cart Saint Joseph.  Take some time to check them out as they are really cool!

Posted by in News on May 07, 2014 .

The Michigan Farmer's Markets that we have all grown to love over the years are re-opening for business this coming weekend, which is a sure sign that our summer season is just around the corner.  Come out this mother's day weekend to enjoy our great weather and stop in the farmers markets and our stores for some fresh wonderful ingreedients to bring back into your homes.

Posted by in News on Apr 24, 2014 .

After a long and grueling winter of construction work in downtown South Haven, the streets are put back together, the sidewalks fresh and new and the finishing touches are being applied as we speak.  The very major project completion date of May 15 is well within reach now and we are thrilled to have a whole new streetscape!

Posted by in News on Apr 13, 2014 .

Although it can be a bit frustrating this time of year as temperatures are warm and inviting one day and then back to cool, rainy weather the next, it's at least a good sign that our weather is making a turn towards Spring and Summer weather.  We are so happy to see more customers out and about again.  Welcome back after a long long winter!

Posted by in News on Apr 03, 2014 .

It's been a winter that many do not want to remember, but HEY, it's April!  We made it!  Get out soon and enjoy Spring!  There are lots of upcoming area events to celebrate the Spring season too.  Just check out the South Haven and Saint Joseph area calendars for more ideas.

Posted by in News on Mar 28, 2014 .

It's been a lengthy project for the brave construction crew baring the elements of this past winter in downtown South Haven, but the project is almost done.  The streets are all poured, the sidewalks are 95% done and the end of the project is in site for a very beautiful downtown landscape.

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