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It's hard to believe thanksgiving is here and that Christmas and 2015 is soon to follow!  We're wishing everyone a very peaceful and memorable thanksgiving holiday.  Don't forget to join us for our holiday open house events at both of our South Haven and Saint Joseph stores on Saturday, but if you can't make that day stop by anytime this holiday weekend.

That's right....we're starting our free bottle and free shipping promotion earlier than ever this year.  With the wintery weather across the country it sure does seem like the holiday season already, so why not start it off early....

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Every year at this time, we welcome with open arms the Women's Only Weekend event.  It is a fantastic event that is on NOW.  For a full list of the weekend's events any how you can participate, go to

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Hard to believe, but it's now just one week from Hallowen!  Don't forget to bring your little gremlins in from 4:30 to 6:00 pm at either of our stores in Saint Joseph or South Haven for their treat.  While there, you can pick up your adult treat too!  We're giving away coupons for adults to come back for a treat anytime in November!

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We are the only olive oil store in the state (and perhaps all of our Midwest region) that carries this delectable oil that has a high smoke point, allowing it's rich flavor to come through with any foods you can dream to pair it with.  But we especially love it on roasted veggies or when popping corn (and of course topping it with our popcorn seasoning blends as well).  Try it won't foget the rich flavor of it and will use it often!

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Our most colorful season of the year in West Michigan is Fall.  What a fantastic time to visit our local beach towns, our famer's markets and of course our fantastic gourmet tasting rooms in South Haven and Saint Joseph.

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Hard to believe that it is Labor Day weekend, yet the summer season seems as though it is just kicking in.  Our sunny and warm temperatures would indicate that even Mother Nature doesn't want summer to end.  Which is fine with us as we still have more than three weeks (officially) of summer left!

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This week in the biggest weekend of the year for South Haven, Michigan.  The National Blueberry Festival is now in it's 51st year and is a tradition that includes many events and activities/  It's a fantastic time to come to the lakefront and visit our wonderful lakefront community.  But don't forget to stop in and taste our many fantastic blueberry products at the Olive Cart too.

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