Today's farmer's market here in South Haven reminded us once again of a thought we have been kicking around for some time.  We would love to be able to participate in the local West Michigan farmer's markets in our own town as well as those in neighboring Saugatuck and Holland each year.  But the challenge becomes bringing a representative selection of our products out to these farmers markets.  There are so many products to choose from and we are having a tought time even beginning to decide.  So maybe it is something we can ponder over the winter months and explore for next year's farmers markets.

Often times we hear folks who come through the doors of our South Haven Olive Oil Store wondering how oils fit into the Michigan agricultural community.  At first customers wonder about the "fit" as olives obviously are not something that Michigan farmers can grow in our climate and grapes for the balsamics are not really the type of grapes we grow in Michigan soil either.  But you see, other than the olives and the grapes, the rest of it makes perfect sense to us.  Where else but Michigan and in the "blueberry capitol" of South Haven can you find so many abundant varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs to pair with the olive oils...

More and more, we are finding that quite a few of the summer and weekend residents of the Saugatuck area are stopping by our store to pick up our EVO oil, aged balsamic vinegars, breads, pastas and tapenades before beginning their weekend getaway.  Just today, a group of Saugatuck cottage owners stopped in to our store on their way to their weekend getaway destination of their Lake Michigan home to stock up on their favorite Olive Cart products.  We always enjoy seeing familiar faces and friends coming back for more of our yummy products.

Today's forecast for this weekend is an incredibly beautiful pleasant weekend forecast here on the shores of Lake Michigan in our South Haven area.  We suspect that it will likely be a busy weekend here as many locals and visitors come to Lake Michigan's beaches for what could be the last weekend to go for a walk with bare feet on shoreline.  But like many of our visitors to the area, we hope that many will stop in to our tasting room and visit us while here in the area.

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Our tasting room has always been a big hit with our customers as we always feature all of our products for sampling every day of the year.  Many times we have samples of selected items out on our peddler's carts for anyone who comes in to our tasting room.  Of all the tapenades we carry, by far the most popular is our black and green olive tapenade.  It is an excellent combination of select olives in a salty savory blend that is perfect topped on our homemade baked bread, crostinis or crackers, but try it on a pizza crust as a unique pizza base.

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Now that it is mid-September, we are beginning the process of decorating our fantastic olive oil and gourmet foods tasting room into a fall theme.  Scarecrows, fall swags, colored leaves and colorful fall mums are just the start of our annual transformation for this great time of year in West Michigan and in the downtown district of South Haven.

Now that we have created our completely new interactive enhanced website featuring all of our EVO oils, infused oils and thick rich aged balsamics as well as hundreds of other great products, we feel it only natural to want to share it with all of our friends.  So today our Constant Contact email blast went out to our email address list in hopes that our friends and customers over the years all find our new website to be as useful as we believe it to be. 

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One of our most popular infused olive oils is our blood orange olive oil.  It can be use in a lot of fantastic dished such as blood orange chocolate brownies, seared scallops, fruit-flavored salad dressings and a lot more.  The citrusy scent and flavor is very distinctly orange and taste is absolutely incredible.

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