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It would appear that there are lots of signs that this week of the first day of Spring is just in time for what would seem to be "Spring-like" weather signs.  Smaller and non-existent snow, puddles, sunshine, even the wind seems to have the smell of Spring in the air! 

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This coming weekend is Diva Days in Saint Joseph, the location of one of our gourmet tasting room stores.  Be sure to register with St Joseph Today to get your grab bag, with a special discount for our store this weekend!

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Yes, the calendar does say that it is March 1st today, but many of us are still wondering when the winter season will end!  March is typically the month that we all breath a sigh of relief as Spring will soon be here.  Right?  We're hopeful!!

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Alright, so it doesn't SEEM like it quite yet, BUT we are just a little over three weeks away from Spring in West Michigan now.  It goes without saying that EVERYONE is looking forward to it more than ever this year.  But in the meantime, why not whip up some great cooking with our fantastic oils and balsamics!  Always a sure way to warm things up!

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The St Joseph Ice Festival is going on now as we speak!  It started yesterday already but you HAVE to see these amazing sculptures!!  Aside from the Ice sculptures, there are lots of other activities besides!  So avoid cabin fever and get out to St Joe this weekend!

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Cabin Fever?  Need to get out and do SOMETHING?  Why not head to downtown Saint Joseph this Friday from 4 to 8 pm for the annual Chili Cookoff?  Taste 16 different chilis including the Olive Cart's pairing with Harbor Shores, "Too Sexy" Chili which features some of our amazing products.

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Congraulations to our local resident photographer Josh Nowicki for his recent national and international recognition when his ice-encased photo of St Joseph's lighthouse went viral.  Check out his facebook page too for more of his great works.



It's hard to believe that we are now into our final week of shipping products in time for Christmas gift giving.  Which is why we sent this reminder email to our contact list.  Hurry, time's take us up on this great offer and to get your gifts in time for Christmas!

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