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Posted by in News on Oct 09, 2021 .

Starting today, but for a limited time, we are offering 15% Off Site-wide to introduce our customers to our exciting new website. Head over to to place your order and enter coupon code 15OFF to take advantage of this never before offer. While you are there, be sure to sign up on our new platform to receive $10 off during your birthday month as well.

Posted by in News on Sep 29, 2021 .

We are beeming with excitement about the release of our brand new website! It is much easier to navigate and we can't wait to hear our customer's reactions. Just click on the red banner at the top of any of our old website pages here to redirect you to our new website which is

Posted by in News on Sep 24, 2021 .

We absolutely adore this time of year in Southwest Michigan as it is the start of the most colorful time of year as our landscapes transform into brilliant colors. It's also our favorite time to get back into our kitchens. Stop in soon to let us show you some great fall pairings and ideas.

Posted by in News on Aug 30, 2021 .

Did you know we carry a full line of yummy gourmet mustards? From sweet to savory, we have a full line of gourmet mustards that we have selected for our customers. So good that you will want to use them with so many of your home-cooked meals.

Posted by in News on Aug 13, 2021 .

This weekend is the annual blueberry festival in South Haven. It's literally the most popular weekend of the year for locals and visitors alike. Don't miss out on all of the fun activities this weekend.

Next weekend is Merfest International in South Haven. Started just a few years ago, this festival highlighting Mermaids and Mermen has grown in popularity. Don't miss out on this great event.

Posted by in News on Jul 16, 2021 .

Tomorrow is the monthly Lake Bluff Artisan Fair on the bluff in St Joseph. Don't forget that our fantastic summer events will be happening in both South Haven and St Joseph tomorrow (Saturday) morning as well.

Posted by in News on Jul 10, 2021 .

We have two great events going on this weekend in our two towns. The Krasl Art Fair is one of the best artisan fairs you will find in the country. It is being held this Saturday and Sunday on the bluff in St Joseph. South Haven is having a fish boil this evening and it is superb. Check out these two events while in town (or check out both) and don't forget to stop by Olive Cart for some wonderfully tasty products.

Posted by in News on Jun 28, 2021 .

With July 4th weekend around the corner, we thought we would share where you can spread a blanket and enjoy all of the majesty in our nearby neighborhoods. Just copy and paste this link into your browser: