It's Blueberry Festival Week--Are you ready?

Posted by in News on Aug 05, 2019 . .

The National Blueberry Festival is held on the second weekend of August each year, and is one of the country's oldest continuously-running fruit festivals (and South Haven's biggest event weekend of the year)! We're proud of South Haven's tremendous blueberry crop, and the important industry it represents.Come celebrate everything blueberry - the fruit, the farms, the fun, the faces! We honor our farm culture, and celebrate the significance of these juicy, little superfoods from dawn till dusk! No matter what variety you are - Hearty, Wild, Super or Sweet - They have an activity perfect for you!  There will be a full schedule of concerts, art, games, markets, sports, contest, beach activities, parade, shopping, hot meals, cold drinks and more!

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