Introducing our newest gourmet offerings

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Spring brings new beginnings, and here at Olive Cart, we are thrilled to announce new pantry products for our customers as well. We are
certain that you will find these new products to be fantastic
gourmet options for your cooking pleasure.


Bourbon Bacon Balsamic Barbeque Sauce: Spice up your grill with this sweet, salty, smoky barbeque sauce with the flavors of bourbon, maple syrup, bacon and chipotle peppers. Enchances the taste of beef, pork or chicken when used as a BBQ sauce, marinade or saute sauce.

Raspberry Horseradish Chutney: Heat and drizzle over a baby greens, goat cheese and roast pork salad. Blend with sour cream to create a sensational dip for hot and cold appetizers. A delicious accompaniment to your favorite sandwiches.

Orange Pecan Mustard: The roasted flavor of pecans enhances the sweetness of Florida oranges, creating a wonderful glaze for poultry, meat and fish. Terrific as a dip for vegetables and pretzels or makes a delicious sandwich spread.

Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly: Heat and serve over meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and rice for a tantalizing taste sensation. Stir into pan juices to create a rich sauce for beef, chicken and pork entrees.

Apricot Cabernet Balsamic Glaze: The sweet, tangy taste of sun ripened apricots blended with the rich, full bodied, fruity flavor of cabernet wine and the pungent sweetness of balsamic vinegar, yields and unforgettable taste experience.

Vodka Pink Peppercorn Pasta Sauce: Fabulous pasta dishes are easy to create with this all natural pasta sauce. Just heat and toss with your favorite pasta. For a variation of this delicious sauce, add cream while heating. Amazing over grilled poultry, fish, lobster and shellfish.

Spicy Tomato Bacon Chutney: This spicy sweet savory chutney is loaded with bacon, tomatoes and onion. A touch of brown sugar, apple cider vinegar and hot peppers gives it a spicy sweet tart flavor that is fabulous on a burger or serve with scrambled eggs.

Pomegranate Port Balsamic Glaze: Rich, tart and slightly sweet pomegranate blended with bold, fruity port wine and the richness of balsamic vinegar make for a truly spectacular glaze. Perfect for steak or pork chops. Fantastic drizzled over your favorite salad. Wonderful over ice cream or cheese cake.

Bourbon Bacon Mustard: A sweet, salty smoky mustard with the flavors of bourbon, maple syrup and bacon. Fabulous on sandwiches and burgers. Serve over smoked sausages off the grill or on a chicken club sandwich.

Vanilla Chai Tea Jelly: Exotic spices of the Orient are skillfully blended to create an incredible flavor experience. Delicious on toast, muffins, croissants and as a topping for ice cream and yogurt.

Roasted Red Pepper Chutney: Remarkable over cream cheese with crackers. Blend with cream cheese and sour cream to create a fantastic dip. Add to your favorite sandwich or blend with cream cheese and roll in a tortilla wrap.

Smoky Espresso Barbeque Sauce: The wonderful smoky coffee flavor enhances the taste of beef, pork and chicken when useed as a BBQ sauce. Blend with hamburger meat and grill for a sensational treat. Brush on while grilling shrimp or cover a roast, ribs or pork after baking or grilling.


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