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  • Double Chocolate Orange Healthy Muffins
    Double Chocolate Orange Healthy Muffins by Dave on Mar 25, 2020.

    One of our favorite ways to utilize our blood orange olive oil is in baking.  These muffins are not only healthy, they are decadent with a fudgy yummy f.. more..

  • 9 New Incredible Oils + 5 New Balsamics to come! by Dave on Mar 22, 2020.

    We just added nine new incredible olive oils to our line up and are now available on our website.  We also will have five new balsamic vinegars to be ad.. more..

  • Return of Get To Know Me Sale by Dave on Jan 05, 2020.

    Our "Get to Know Me" sale is back!  The four oils and balsamic vinegars featured in our sale are Raspberry Ginger White Balsamic vinegar, Bittersweet Ch.. more..

  • Exciting new oils and vinegars just added by Dave on May 03, 2019.

    Each year we search for new oils and balsamic vinegars to introduce to our customers.  This year we went a little crazy as we have ten new oils and bals.. more..

  • Dairy Free Almond Cheese
    Dairy Free Almond Cheese by Dave on Apr 25, 2019.

    1 cup whole blanched unsalted almonds (you can buy already blanched) 3 tablespoons lemon juice ¼ C Olive Cart extra virgin olive oil (any fla.. more..

  • Roasted Red Pepper Tuna Tomato Blossoms
    Roasted Red Pepper Tuna Tomato Blossoms by Dave on Apr 25, 2019.

    1 5oz can of white tuna packed in water 1.5 TBLS diced celery 1 TBLS diced onion 0.25 tsp Olive Cart Michigan sea Salt Flakes  ¼ C Olive.. more..