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  • Muffuletta and Pepper Spread by Dave on Mar 07, 2019.

    Did you know that one of our very popular pantry items is our mild and hot muffuletta and our mild and hot pepper spreads?  Some of the more obvious way.. more..

  • Muffuletta Pizza by Dave on May 18, 2017.

    Pre-made pizza crust Mild or Hot Muffuletta Mozzarella Cheese Black Walnut Balsamic Put a generous layer of muffulette on pizza crust, add fresh m.. more..

  • Homemade Olive Muffuletta is a real hit by Dave on Sep 16, 2012.

    There are many specialty food items we carry aside from the typical olive oils and balsamics, which sets us appart from a lot of the other olive oil stores y.. more..

  • Veggie Muffuletta Olive Cart Sandwich by Dave on Sep 12, 2012.

    1/2 Cup Olive Cart Original or Hot Muffuletta 1/2 lb sliced mozzerella 1/2 lb sliced pepperjack cheese 1 Medium tomato, sliced 1 Medium cucumber, sli.. more..