Children of the Corn Fritters

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1 Jar Olive Cart Midwest Corn Relish
3 cups Bisquick
1 cup milk
2 eggs
Beat eggs then combine with Bisquick and milk, and gently fold in corn relish. Now set that aside and begin heating your oil for frying while I like to use peanut oil for frying but this is a common allergen for a lot of people so you may want to use regular old vegetable oil for this step.  put 3-4  inches of oil in a pan with high sides ( I use a soup pan for this ) and heat to 350-400 degrees. now go back and get your corn mixture when your oil is hot enough CAREFULLY spoon a little of your batter into the oil , each of these will be a fritter so size them accordingly for your taste the bottom will turn golden brown in less than a minute as soon as that happens flip them over with a fork and repeat on the uncooked side the whole thing should only take a minute or two to cook then use a skimmer to fish them out and let them dry on fresh paper towels.
Before I continue a couple of hints for frying, The more you cook the faster your oil will cool and the longer it will take to cook things so make sure to give it a minute or two now and then to recover as you are cooking don't rush. Also once you are done cooking if you let your oil return to room temperature it can be strained and recovered for further use in the future if you are so inclined.
Ok back to the food. Now growing up in the south the thing to do at this point would be to cover them in powdered sugar and start eating and you can certainly do that but we have other options at The Olive Cart. Our fritters are a little more savory than traditional ones so they like dipping sauces/drizzles many of our delicious balsamics work for this but my favorite thing to do is to take some of our 25 year aged raspberry balsamic and add just a little bit of our Olive Cart Raspberry Wasabi Mustard to the mix this makes a wonderful dipping sauce for a fun flavor addition.

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