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  • New "Get to Know Me" oils and balsamics by Dave on Jul 28, 2017.

    Our customers love our "Get to Know Me" special offers on our oils and balsamics as it encourages them to try new ones they haven't tried before.  We ju.. more..

  • Get To Know Me Sale by Dave on Mar 17, 2017.

    We are currently featuring a new "Get to Know Me" Sale on three of our great products:  Chilean Picual Extra Virgin Olive OIl, Chocolate Jalapeno Balsam.. more..

  • We put the Lime in the Coconut.... by Dave on Apr 22, 2015.

    Try this yummy flavor combination.... Lime Olive Oil and Coconut White Balsamic!  Stop in our stores in South Haven and Saint Joseph on West Michigan's .. more..

  • New Balsamic Vinegars and Olive Oils by Dave on Jul 19, 2014.

    At Olive Cart, we are never just satifsfied with keeping things the same day in and day out.  We are constantly creating new flavors and taste senseatio.. more..

  • Asian Spicy Tangerine Chicken by Jeffrey on Feb 07, 2014.

    Ingredients 1.5 lb Boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cubed or sliced thin 1 tsp Cornstarch 3 cup Onion, chopped 4&.. more..

  • Lemongrass Mint Martini by Jeffrey on Feb 06, 2014.

    Ingredients 1.5 oz Vodka, your favorite brand 1 oz Lychee Liquer, Soho brand preferred 1 oz Lychee Juice 1 Mint.. more..